Appointment Booking Calendar Plugin for WordPress

Allows users to easily Schedule appointments, Book events ,Support payments . Multiple calendars per user or subject.

Multiple Calendars

Plugin supports multiple calendars at the same time. Each calendar can have his own appointment form, moderator, session length, availability period etc.

Calendar View

The plugin calendar frontview is adjusted based on customer time-zone. The plugin supports both day, week and month view.

Fully Responsive

Calendar view is adjusted to device time and is fully mobile responsive. When a small screen device is detected the plugin switch to day view which is adjusted to small screens and mobile.


Booking can be accepted automatically or moderated before acceptance. This setting is available for each calendar.


Each booking creates notifications for both the moderator and customer who made the booking.

Custom Booking Form

For each calendar admin can create a unique booking form that includes all the needed information to make a booking.


If moderation is set to yes, appointment requests can be accepted, rejected or discussed.

Next Available Slot

The calendar always loads on the next available slot for new booking.

Payment Options

There is payment support using the Easy Digital Downloads cart system.

Booking Calendar Demo

Booking Calendar Plugin Video

Booking Calendar WordPress Plugin Versions & Pricing

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WordPress Calendar Frequently Asked Questions

How and where do I see the bookings?

You can see the booking in the admin dashboard under the booking dashboard. You can filter the bookings by the calendar to which they were sent. The dashboard includes the options to approve, reject or discuss ach booking. You can also modify the date and time for each booking.

How do I get an appointment scheduler to show up on my page?

You can embed a simple shortcode which will output the calendar on ony post or page. You can also pre-define a booking form for this calendar. Once user will try to book any slot on this calendar your booking form will hover over the calendar.

Does the plugin support multiple calendars?

Yes. You can define an unlimited number of calendars. Each calendar can have it’s own unique booking form, availability timeframe and meeting duration. There are other parameters you can set for each individual calendar.

Can the admin manually add bookings?

Yes. Admin can add booking from the plugin backend. This supports the ability to support customer booking made by the admin. Once added, a manual booking notification will be sent to both the admin and users making sure that the user is also notified about the meeting.

What type of fields can I include in the booking form?

The booking forms is totally customizable. You can include as many fields as you want, define which are mandatory and also add a label and description per each. The form generator support input, text area checkbox and radio buttons all added and moved by a drag and drop interface.